Concrete Staining Or Epoxy — What’s The Better Option?

//Concrete Staining Or Epoxy — What’s The Better Option?

Concrete Staining Or Epoxy — What’s The Better Option?

From food and beverage processing plants to educational institutions, different industries require specific flooring solutions that complement their operations. If your old floor has worn out after decades of use, it is now time to invest in a new floor.

You may come across a diverse array of flooring solutions when you explore the market, however, most technicians will advise choosing from two types: stained concrete and epoxy floors.

In this blog post, our flooring technicians help you assess the ups and downs of both these types of floors to help you make informed decisions.

5561176064_0e4f6efe04_bStained Concrete

The two primary methods to treat the surface of concrete floors and make them perfect for your industrial facility are polishing and staining.

Staining concrete is a process that involves using water based or acid based coloring agents to modify floor aesthetics.

Even though an experienced technician can help you secure the types and colors of stains you are looking for, you might need to conduct regular maintenance to maintain the floor.

Apart from cleaning, depending on the nature of use, the floor may also require frequent polishing.

Stained concrete floors look perfect; however, failure to maintain it might result in worn out patches in colored areas of the floor that are subject to high traffic. Repairing these patches can be a tough job.

epoxyEpoxy Flooring

If performance, low maintenance and the right aesthetics are your top three concerns, epoxy flooring might just be the right option.

Provided you choose a team of experienced professionals like us, we can help you install sturdy epoxy flooring while making it highly customizable.

In fact, epoxy flooring can also be customized to mimic others types of flooring solutions while ensuring that it stays durable and dependable.

Compared to other flooring options, epoxy flooring also takes up less time during installations. Depending on the installation site and specifications, an epoxy floor can even be finished within a single day. What’s more is its ability to resist harsh chemicals, acids and solvents typically present in commercial cleaning solutions.

Epoxy floors can also be modified to provide superior slip and stain resistance, exceptional resistance to thermal shocks as well as extreme temperature cycling. If one part of the slab is damaged it can easily be broken down and reconstructed by pouring and leveling the epoxy coating.

Even though both the flooring solutions provide durability and performance, epoxy flooring falls within the low cost, high performance bracket. If you are looking for epoxy flooring or stained concrete in OH, get in touch with us at 270-793-9069 and discuss your needs today.

Our technicians can help you identify the best flooring solution according to your specific needs.


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