Traffic Coatings 101

//Traffic Coatings 101

Traffic Coatings 101

Traffic coatings are a specialized protective layer applied to concrete or plywood. Its main purpose is to protect surfaces against the weight, wear, and tear of vehicular traffic or pedestrian abrasion.

There are many traffic coating systems available today. Experts suggest that the effectiveness of the coating is directly dependent on the type you choose. The goal you have to achieve determines the kind of traffic coating you use.

These coatings are useful for places that experience extreme weather like freezing temperatures. The freeze-thaw damage and corrosion due to chloride can be reversed with traffic coatings. Waterproofing is another feature of traffic coatings.

What is Thin Mil coatings?

Thin Mil coating systems are developed to provide light reflective and chemical resistant finish to your floors.

How is it installed?

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A thin layer of epoxy (epoxy-urethane) is applied in liquid form to the floor. The layer is chemically cured to improve its strength and durability. Depending on the goal of the facility, another layer can be applied to make the floor slip-resistant.

A thin mil coating installation is very efficient and effective because it cures within a few hours. The layer is made of environmentally friendly products as they consist of low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Advantages of Thin Mil

There are many reasons behind this type of traffic coating becoming so popular.


Thin Mil coatings are incredibly light-reflective in nature. This is one of the reasons it is popular at retail stores. Retails stores need to be brightly lit to allow consumers to see what they are getting. A brightly lit store also improves a buyer’s mood and attracts them into the store.

Retail stores can have Thin Mil installed and reap the benefits of its reflective qualities and lower energy costs.


Thin Mil was specifically developed for areas of heavy foot traffic. An important feature that had to be included when developing this coating was that it should be slip-resistant. This feature reduces the possibility of injuries due to slips, trips, and falls. This is particularly important during seasons of big discounts and in commercial setups.

Chemical resistance

Thin Mil coatings can withstand extreme pH attacks due to chemical spillage. Chemical spills are quite common in industrial settings. Other flooring options tend to get damaged, react, or stain with such spills. Floors that aren’t entirely resistant to chemicals are difficult to clean after spillage, which can create lots of health hazards for the employees.

Thermal Expansion and Contraction

Thin Mil Coatings are ideal for places that maintain extreme temperatures. The food and beverage industry and pharmaceuticals take advantage of this quality and have Thin Mil coatings installed in their premises. The resistance to extreme temperatures also makes this flooring option ideal for use outdoors, like in parking decks and ramps.

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