Epoxy Vs Cement Flooring

//Epoxy Vs Cement Flooring

Epoxy Vs Cement Flooring

The flooring option you choose for an area is important for many reasons. It determines the longevity of the flooring, its maintenance schedule, cost, safety, and many other things.

Epoxy floorings are common in commercial and industrial facilities. However, not all business owners feel the need to invest in floor coatings for their business premises, leaving them bare.

Here are some of the benefits of having epoxy coatings over cement:

Aesthetics and quality

Epoxy flooring is known for that classic brilliant shine that lures customers into a store. It adds value to the interior of any space it’s used in. The flooring option is versatile enough that it can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial establishments.

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It also comes in a large array of color, texture, and pattern options. Whether you want a wooden finish with high gloss or a more textured stone finish, it can be achieved with epoxy and a professional epoxy contractor.

Having beautiful interiors is essential no matter what industry you work in. For residential purposes, we want our homes to be as beautiful and comfortable as possible. In an office, factory, or plant, we want employees to feel motivated by their surroundings.

Customers, on the other hand, are known to be attracted to stores that look visually appealing. Having epoxy flooring installed in your premises will definitely help improve the aesthetics, productivity, and popularity of your space.

Cement, on the other hand, looks cold and dreary. Let’s face it, no one would opt to have bare cement in their homes or stores; why leave your industrial facility behind?   

Quick cleanup

epoxy flooring

Spills and leaks are bound to happen, they can be dangerous in an industrial and commercial setting. Cement flooring is porous and, therefore, liquid can permanently stain the floor.

Chemical spills on cement flooring are hazardous to employees as well as to the environment. These chemicals seep into the ground and cause soil contamination.

Epoxy flooring is an excellent way to seal cement and concrete. It’s impermeable, which makes it moisture and seepage resistant. Any spills can be taken care of efficiently and effectively. Epoxy flooring isn’t prone to staining either, making it perfect for industrial purposes.

Moisture within cement can build up and promote bacterial growth like fungus. Employees exposed to this fungus are likely to get sick. With epoxy flooring, this is not a concern. If your industrial facility needs to be sterile at all times, antibacterial additives can be included in the epoxy mixture too.


Cement flooring chips off and becomes uneven after a while, especially under heavy foot traffic. The surface can wear off and even become slippery in certain areas, which is a big safety hazard for employees, especially in industrial facilities.

Epoxy flooring is a seamless and even flooring option for commercial and industrial establishments. Despite its high shine finish, the flooring isn’t slippery at all, making it perfect for offices, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. The amount of traction needed by your business can be conveyed to the epoxy contractor.

Epoxy flooring is also highly adaptable to extreme temperatures. If you’re situated in an area that experiences high temperatures, epoxy flooring is a must. Weather wear and tear can cause cement to lose its strength and chip or crack. This feature of epoxy makes it ideal for industrial facilities that get hot due to the equipment and other external factors.

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