4 Myths about Epoxy Flooring Debunked

//4 Myths about Epoxy Flooring Debunked

4 Myths about Epoxy Flooring Debunked

When talking about durable and impact resistant flooring options, epoxy flooring is the talk of the market these days, especially when it comes to industrial floor coatings for factories and offices.

With its ability to withstand chemicals, abrasions, and heavy vehicles, it more than pays off in the long run. But as with any popular option, there are many myths and misconceptions that surround it.

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These myths have been circulating throughout the internet, wrongly influencing the decisions of home and office owners. It’s about time we debunk these outdated beliefs which couldn’t be further from the truth!

Myth #1: Epoxy Floors are too expensive

Anything that saves on costs over a long period of time is well worth the investment; the same goes for epoxy flooring. Its heavy-duty coating protects your floors from high-impact, which minimizes the need for frequent replacements and repairs.

Of course, there are certain upfront costs which come with epoxy flooring, like the cost of the preparation of the surface and the type of epoxy flooring requested, but it’s more than worth the money because of the minimal maintenance it requires and how long it lasts.

The initial investment per square foot proves to be far more economically beneficial than other flooring options, especially in the case of metallic epoxy flooring.

Myth #2: Professional installation isn’t required

You probably think that you can install your own epoxy floors with a DIY epoxy floor kit that’s readily available at your local hardware store—think again! It may be tempting to save a few bucks, but you’ll just end up harm your floors.

Epoxy floor installations aren’t that simple; they require a ton of prep work. This includes cleaning the surface of any oil, moisture or grease, and also ensuring that the epoxy adheres to the floor. This tends to be tricky because of its consistency.

Our experts at CSS Coatings provide consultations and recommendations for your flooring requirements, along with professional-grade coating and installation that guarantee that you’ll get the most out of your epoxy floors.

Myth #3: Paint is just as good

Paint does not offer the same protection as epoxy. Epoxy is a mixture of hardeners and resins that seal the surface, whereas paint will peel off under heavy traffic and abrasions over time. As opposed to paint’s thin layer of color, epoxy is chemically bonded to the surface. It is resistant to chemical corrosions and, therefore, retains its sturdy and polished look over the long-term. Homeowners use epoxy floors in garages as an impenetrable and durable flooring option.

Myth #4: Frequent epoxy replacements are required

The myth that epoxy floors need to be replaced every 2–3 years is a bust! If installed by professionals who use the correct substances, epoxy floors can last up to 20 years, given they are maintained appropriately.

Epoxy floorings come in various options, from a matte look to a sleek, metallic finish which assures high resistance to extreme temperatures and the ability to withstand scratches and stains. You’ll have a hard time finding a better flooring alternative!

If you want to get epoxy flooring for your home or workspace, then CSS Coatings and its wide range of services have you covered. Available all over the US—including the states of Texas, Mississippi, Virginia, North Carolina—you can contact us today for a consultation.

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