What Makes Metallic Epoxy Flooring Different from Regular Epoxy?

//What Makes Metallic Epoxy Flooring Different from Regular Epoxy?

What Makes Metallic Epoxy Flooring Different from Regular Epoxy?

Homes and businesses require a flooring solution that’s functional, long-term and inviting. Epoxy flooring has taken the market by a storm with its unparalleled durability and unique appearance.

Epoxy floors are created from a mixture of hardeners and resins that are cured to form a smooth texture. The mixture bonds with your concrete floors to make it nearly impact proof.

Understanding metallic epoxy flooring

A metallic epoxy flooring solution however goes one step further,as a base coat is applied over your epoxy floor. After it’s cured, metallic pigments are added to give it more dimension. These pigments are agitated to clump and swirl, forming unique patterns and textures. With metallic epoxy, you have a wide array of creative options which we can bring to life on your space’s floor with our techniques.Architectural digest terms epoxy flooring as the sleek and sturdy alternative making its way into the market.

Benefits of using metallic epoxy flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring is being raved about owing to not only its stunning appearance but also the hard-wearing finish that comes with it.

We’ve outlined a few of the multitude of benefits of using epoxy flooring as compared to regular epoxy:

1.     Top-of-the-line durability

When considering flooring options, durability must never be compromised. The strength of the metallic epoxy flooring applied by our professionals can withstand all sorts of abrasions, heavy traffic like forklifts and four wheelers, stains, scratches and grease. With appropriate maintenance throughout its life, the epoxy floor will take all sorts of beating without showing damage from wear and tear.

2.     Easy maintenance

Don’t fret about the maintenance cost of metallic epoxy floors. Unlike popular belief, these floors do not require special waxes or polishes to maintain their sheen. A simple sweep of the broom is enough to remove the grime and debris.

3.     Ingenious designs

A paramount benefit of using metallic epoxy floors for your space is that you can fully customize the appearance to your liking. Your floors can end up replicating the depth of ocean waters, molten metal like movements, marble finishing or exhibit the illusion of rippling water when the light reflects your floors. These can range from aesthetic to dramatic depending on what your space requires.

After your satisfaction withthe finished product, we then apply a top coat to seal it all together for a durable and long-lasting finish.

4.     USDA approved flooring option

Metallic epoxy floors are not only a seamless and suitable solution for offices and garages, but is also USDA-approvedas a hygienic flooring option. It seals and fills into the nooks and crannies of your concrete floor.

Application of metallic epoxy floors

As compared to regular epoxy, metallic epoxy floors score higher in the popularity chart due to their application in a wide range of industries.

1.     Commercial

Commercial facilities gravitate towards metallic epoxy floors due to their durability in withstanding foot traffic while also taking the interiors up a notch. The metallic pigment reflects light far more than the regular epoxy, making the interior all the more well-lit and brighter. Our top-notch clients are advocates of our services.

2.     Residential

Homeowners opt for these floors to enjoy its sleek and classy look, without worrying about the hassle of maintaining and cleaning them. They are widely used in garages to endure the vehicle traffic while making the space look warmer and inviting due to the floor’s reflective nature. Metallic epoxy flooring is generally used for homes in Arkansas and Indiana where we curate the epoxy mixture suited to the climatic condition.

3.     Industrial

Industrial facilities are the backbone of metallic epoxy floor because of their chemical resistance. Industrial floor coatings made of metallic epoxy generally used in factories or offices are also recommended by the USDA to be used in food processing industries because of the epoxy’s hygienic nature.

An economical flooring solution is just what your space needs. Our team of experts at CSS Coatings work with you to provide a durablemetallic epoxy flooring system. Contact our specialists for customized installations at270-793-9069. We offer services all over the US— including Indiana and Illinois.

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