Epoxy Floors Vs Polished Concrete: Which One is Better?

//Epoxy Floors Vs Polished Concrete: Which One is Better?

Epoxy Floors Vs Polished Concrete: Which One is Better?

Flooring solutions often tie between an epoxy flooring system and a polished concrete finish. A durable flooring system is crucial to the facility’s infrastructure and we can assist you in making an informed decision between the two with the help of our experts at CSS Coatings.    

Differences between the two—The installation process

The foundation substrate for both epoxy flooring and polished concrete are concrete slabs, but the flooring surfaces that they provide suit different environments.

Polished concrete finishing is achieved by repeatedly using industrial polishing heads and grinding machines on the concrete floor to form a smooth and burnished surface.

Epoxy flooring systems, however, are made of a chemical mixture of hardeners and resins. These compounds then form a chemical bond with the concrete slab. This is cured to form a durable and impact-resistant coating with an aesthetic appearance.

Budget-friendly and efficient are a few of the benefits of the two. Decide on which flooring solution to go for by taking into account their benefits.

Benefits of Epoxy floors:

Epoxy floors are widely used in industrial and commercial settings owing to their unparalleled durability and abrasion-resistance. It’s vital that you get your epoxy floors professionally installed to reap their long-term benefits.

1.     Withstand extreme conditions

One of the paramount benefits of epoxy floors is that its chemical mixture is able to withstand extreme conditions of the environment of various industries including pharmaceutical, manufacturing and processing and food and beverage industries. These floors are resistant to contaminations, toxins and pH substances.

2.     Chemical resistance

Epoxy floors are resistant to the chemical spills that often occur in the chemical industries. The floors are impervious to alkalis, acids and other solvents as opposed to the properties of a polished concrete finish.

3.     Variety of topcoats

Epoxy flooring installation comes in various options including metallic epoxy floors which are famous for their unique looks or a simple resinous topcoat with gloss and high Light Reflectance Value (LRV) that improves indoor illumination by two-folds.

4.     Easier to resurface and repair

In case of imperfections on your epoxy floor as a result of long period of use, you can easily resurface the concrete slabs to mask them.

5.     Comprehensive strength

Epoxy floors have the strength to endure heavy machinery like forklifts and four wheeled vehicles. Therefore, they’re suitable in garages and automotive industries.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is used in environments that are more general service rather than facilities with constant operations because their maintenance requires scheduling work delays.

1.     Cost-effective

Polished concrete is more of an environmental-friendly flooring solution. It’s also cost effective since it’s low maintenance and doesn’t lose its shine for years.

2.     Enhances light reflectivity

The smooth and shiny surface of a polished concrete floor makes for a well-lit space, resulting in less dependency on artificial light sources and brightening the overall space.

3.     Ease of cleaning

Waste accumulated on polished concrete floors can easily be swept clean since it does not settle onto the surface of the floor. This leads to better indoor air quality of the facility.

4.     Aesthetics

The gloss of polished concrete remains presentable for a long time, maintaining the beauty of the interiors.

Take these aspects into account in terms of ease of maintenance, durability, aesthetics and chemical resistance before selecting a flooring option that is a good fit for your facility.

Professionals at CSS Coatings take great pride in providing flooring installation expertise to our clients depending on their flooring needs. Our services for epoxy flooring systems and MMA flooring are available in Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina and Virginia.

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