Top Flooring Trends of 2019

//Top Flooring Trends of 2019

Top Flooring Trends of 2019

House renovations are some of the hottest discussions these days. Homeowners fawn over exciting and creative designs to revamp their house. If you’re planning to redecorate your house, it’s best to start with the flooring.


Flooring can change the entire look of your property and transform interior décor. For an unforgettable first impression, a fabulous floor selection plays a key role. There is no need to spend on other house decor once you invest in good flooring. Here is a list of top flooring designs that 2019 holds for us.

Distressed Flooring:

If you opt for a vintage look, go for distressed flooring. The floor looks worn out giving your tiles a rusty look. This design is here to stay and will be in demand for the next couple of years as well. You can either use wooden planks or concrete tiles as your base.

The intensity of looks depends on the owner’s choice. In case of wooden floors, each plank is hand scrapped and brushed to remove luster and gloss, giving it a classic old appearance. If you’re not fond of wood, use artificially processed concrete. It usually goes well with warehouses and industrial floors.

Old wooden floor

Wood looking tiles:

Wood looking tiles are taking the flooring world by storm. These are concrete tiles which give an illusion of a wooden finish. They are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. What amazes the buyers is an uncanny resemblance with wood. This is due to the latest inkjet technology which replicates the exact wooden structure without missing any detail.

These tiles are popular for their cool tones and are preferred as bathroom flooring.

barn wall wood

Creative Patterns:

2019 is all about creativity and innovation. What could be better than interesting patterns on the floor? Whether you like to go simple or all-out, patterns cater the needs of every homeowner. They can be monotonous or colorful. You’ll also have the opportunity to customize the design in some cases.


3D Graphic Floors:

If you believe your floor is your canvas, you can paint it the way you want. Or at least have it painted by flooring experts. The incredible graphic floors bring your boring tiles to life. The artful designs are captivating and are a great way to reflect your personality.

Creative art and images are replicate on the floors using latest technology. Each tile is assigned a separate pattern which forms a complete picture once arranged accurately. The designs vary from simple patterns to multicolor styles and impressive graphics

Black And White:

This classic design never goes out of style. It shows a contemporary look with a hint of vintage feel. Bold black and white graphics on small tiles enhances makes the floor appear luxurious.

Designers are expected to experience a rise in the demand of this two-toned style in 2019.

two colors

Epoxy Flooring:

Epoxy flooring is never getting old. It’s suitable for commercial as well as residential areas and considered one of the most reliable types of flooring. High quality epoxy flooring will provide water resistance and a firm base for your garage, kitchen or basement.

 Liquid Metal Look:

Looking for something glossy?  Metallic flooring is going to be a major upgrade for your place. A metallic epoxy is used to achieve this beautiful look. Pearlescent pigments are added for extra shin and luster. Owners have the option to blend multiple colors for a desired outcome.

metal look

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