Best Flooring Ideas for High Traffic Areas

//Best Flooring Ideas for High Traffic Areas

Best Flooring Ideas for High Traffic Areas

There are several elements that set residential and commercial floorings apart. A residential flooring bears negligible amount of weight and foot traffic as compared to, say, an airport, hospital or other public areas.

They bear the brunt of vehicles and heavy machinery. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a strong and durable flooring option for a commercial setup.

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A strong flooring makes sure that the place looks its best for years, that too, with minimal maintenance. Let’s takea look at some suitable flooring options for high traffic areas.

Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl flooring is an exceptional choice for large-scale flooring due to its affordable price. It provides a versatile look along with a long-lasting finish. Thesmooth surface and even finish ensurea sleek and professional look.

Another great feature of vinyl flooring is the ease of cleaning. All it needs is regular sweeping and mopping.

Rubber Flooring:

Rubber flooring is ideal for places like gyms and hospitals. It’s slip-resistant and sound absorbent, providing a comfortable and quiet atmosphere. In addition, it doesn’t wear off easily. In fact, it provides protection from physical damage of the sub-floors in case of an impact. Rubber floors are simple and don’t come with many designs and styles.


Tile Flooring:

Tiles are anold flooring option but still going strong. Tiles were introduced in 4700 BC. Their mass production started in the Victorian era and has been a popular flooring option ever since.

Nowadays, tile manufacturers follow the guidelines of Porcelain Enamel Institute, which has distinguished tiles into 5 classes according to their usage. Class 5 tiles have the highest durability; therefore, they’re suitable for high traffic.

Tiles provide a wide range of options for colors and designs. Manufacturers are launching custom tiles with versatile designs and vibrant colors.


Epoxy Flooring:

Epoxy Flooring can withstand heavy weight, large crowd and chemical spills. The Epoxy coating is applied on top of a concrete floor. A thick epoxy resin coat can protect your commercial flooring for almost two decades. Along with powerful protection, it’s cost-effective and aesthetically appealing.

Laminate Flooring:

Laminate flooring uses a wooden base with a surface of wooden, stone or tile flooring. This versatile look is achieved by applying an image of floor coverings on top of the wooden floor. The best way to coat such a floor is by using a layer of melamine resin. The thickness of coating varies from 6-15mm depending on your requirement. Laminate flooring looks attractive even if it’s not replaced for years.

Hardwood Floor:

Many people consider wood as a fragile flooring option. However, hardwood is a classic yet robust flooring option. Durability depends on the thickness of the wood. There’s quite a buzz about engineered hardwood flooring. It’s an exciting alternative to natural wood and has a smooth but rock-solid finish.


Natural Stone Flooring:

Althoughthis flooring solution is expensive compared to others,it’s worth every penny. It uses stones like granite, sandstone andlimestone, and is resilient to high traffic. Poor quality stones will not work efficiently and are not suitable for commercial use.


Concrete Flooring:

Concrete flooring was considered boring and too “industrial”back in the days. Today, it offers some unique designs like tinted concrete, acid stains and stamping. There are tons of coating options for concrete floors including embedded tiles, stones and resin coats to improve itsstrength and overall appearance.

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