Epoxy Floor Paint Vs. Epoxy Coat

//Epoxy Floor Paint Vs. Epoxy Coat

Epoxy Floor Paint Vs. Epoxy Coat

Garage spaces these days are not just used for cars but for multiple other purposes. They can be used as workspaces as is done by around 50% of Americans or even for storage.

If you intend to do woodwork or repair your car in the garage or use it for some other heavy-duty project, the floor needs to be able to take the daily brunt of falling tools and oil spills. This is where the question of painting your garage floor comes in.

What are your options?

Two of the most common options include epoxy floor paint and epoxy floor coatings.

What is Epoxy Paint?

Epoxy is essentially a resin which comes from a class of reactive polymers called polyepoxides. It may be used in a painting job to make it more durable. However, it is not the same as an epoxy coat. Both have very striking differences and should be chosen keeping the nature of your work in mind because if your work is taxing for the floor, the painting job would be ruined and it might need a refresher sooner than expected, but would last longer in case of a coat.

Typical epoxy paint is great for not-so-heavy duty applications and an upgrade from concrete paints because the presence of epoxy increases the adhesive ability and durability of the paint. It is also easy to apply due to its thin consistency and relatively cheaper than an epoxy coat since it only contains one part epoxy.

How is Epoxy  Coating different?

Many manufacturers in the industry use the word ‘Epoxy Paint’ while talking about coating and vice versa. However,  coating is a completely different thing. First of all, it won’t classify as painting at all.

Secondly, coating involves the use of epoxy resin mixed with a polyamine which hardens it and makes the application process time sensitive and tough if 100% solids epoxy is used. This process is called polymerization or curing. This is because it forms a very thick coat, which is tough to work with but the thicker the coat, the longer it lasts. The rate of hardening can be controlled to some extent by adjusting the temperature according the requirements. Epoxy coating installations are known to last for 5–10 years depending on your usage. Additionally, the color the coating gets is from the resin. Without it, it would be a clear coat.

If 50% solid epoxy is used, only 50% of the product is retained after the curing process since water and other solvents evaporate. It has a thinner consistency and is thus, comparatively easier to apply but since less product is retained than in a 100% solids situation, it’s not as long lasting.

An epoxy-coated floor is resistant to abrasion and impact as well as slipping, which makes it safer to work with and also last longer. Additionally, it’s also easier to clean so the hygienic standards are also maintained! It is the only option for industrial areas, however, due to their heavy duty usage especially in aviation, chemical processing etc.

Your Course Of Action

While epoxy painting is something that could be managed at home, a complete epoxy coating job is not recommended to be carried out at home. This is partly due to the technical difficulties that people would face and due to the fact that most DIY kits out there offer only 48% solids to make the application easier, which doesn’t last that long and needs a refresher much sooner than anticipated! If you’re looking for a lasting metallic epoxy coating, contact us now and get our services at affordable prices!

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