Choosing a Suitable Flooring for Your Hospital

//Choosing a Suitable Flooring for Your Hospital

Choosing a Suitable Flooring for Your Hospital

The flooring in hospitals needs to be more than just your typical floors. It needs to be strong and durable amidst the expected heavy traffic. They need to be easy-to-clean so germs and dirt can be quickly eliminated.

They need to be support areas where patients and visitors can feel safe and reassured. Aside from these obvious considerations, installation time should also be contemplated, as long drawn-out floor installations can affect both the facility and those inside it.  

Strong and durable

There are very few places that receive as much foot traffic as hospitals. Outpatient visits, inpatient visits, and families visiting to attend their loved ones ensure that hospitals remain busy all day long, 24/7. In addition to foot traffic, there are also wheeled movements that floors in hospitals are exposed to on a regular basis. It’s, therefore, imperative to choose a flooring system that is strong and durable and can ably withstand the rigors of the constant movements at a hospital.

Easy to clean     

Sanitation is one of the top priorities for hospitals. Regular cleaning certainly helps keep germs and bacteria away, but the type of flooring installed can also make a big difference to maintaining high hygiene levels. An easy to clean floor ensures unpleasant and unwanted substances can be removed promptly without being absorbed or retained by the hospital floor.

A Calming and Reassuring Influence

For many people, visiting a hospital comes from need, rather than a want. Whether they’re seeking medical attention for themselves or visiting a family member or friend, a calm, reassuring and welcoming environment is much appreciated. This is why you might have observed that hospitals generally tend to use clean and neutral floor colors, such as white, blue and pale green. These colors have been proven to have a calming influence and help patients and visitors feel safe.

Fast Installation Time

Operational interruption is an eventuality that accompanies all refurbishment projects, including floor installations. And while there is nothing you can do to avoid it, every effort should be made to reduce the time of such activities so that patients don’t have to face any major inconvenience. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a flooring system that can be quickly installed.   

So which flooring system offers all these features?

The Right Flooring System for Your Hospital

MMA floorings are arguably the best flooring systems for hospitals as they offer impressive compressive strength, easy cleaning, extensive color options, and most importantly fast curing time.

What are MMA floorings, you ask?

MMA floorings are resin floorings made from methyl methacrylate resin. They have the ability to cure in an hour, enabling fast track installations.

In addition, MMA floorings are also chemical resistant, which makes them perfect for hospital kitchens where acids and food may be spilled over the floor and lead to chemical degradation.

Whilst MMA flooring may be ideal for hospitals and other healthcare facilities in every aspect, they do tend to give off a strong odor during application. However, by exercising proper extraction methods, this issue can be easily resolved. So make sure if you’re installing MMA flooring at your hospital, you discuss this point with your contractor.

Here, at CSS Coatings, we provide MMA flooring installation services to hospitals and commercial and industrial businesses. Our services come with a one-year warranty and guarantee the highest standards of workmanship. Although our main office is located in Bowling Green, KY, we also serve other locations and states notably Indiana, Alabama, Ohio, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Illinois. Get in touch with us today to discuss your MMA flooring project.

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