What Are The Most Eco-Friendly Flooring Options?

//What Are The Most Eco-Friendly Flooring Options?

What Are The Most Eco-Friendly Flooring Options?

With the amount of attention being given to the state of the environment these days, more people are now aware of the choices they make and how much they are contributing to the problem.

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Pollution exists in many forms today. Land pollution has reached an alarming rate with 258 million tons of solid waste being produced by the United States alone. Of this, only 34% is recycled. Our water sources are being contaminated; industrial waste is being dumped into rivers, lakes, and seas. The air we breathe is now contaminated with sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and other dangerous chemicals.

As individuals, we have to play our part in promoting sustainability in every part of our lives. Even home renovations should take into account their effects on the environment.

If you are considering installing a new floor in your house, here are a few eco-friendly options to choose from:


Epoxy flooring is made of organic resins. It’s a nonporous floor coating that is known for its durability. This flooring option maintains a brilliant shine and doesn’t contain any solvents. Many prefer this flooring over others because it’s the ‘greenest’.

Other than being made with organic materials, the nonporous and seamless finish of this flooring makes it environmentally-friendly. Epoxy, generally, is a cleaner surface to work with. It requires less water, floor cleaners, pesticides, and other chemicals. In fact, epoxy flooring can be customized depending on a client’s needs. Special coatings can be added to the epoxy to make it slip resistant and also germ-resistant.

The seamless nature of epoxy means that there are no crevices or pores for moisture to get into. Moister, when left over time, develops mold and fungus which harms those coming in contact with it.


Cork flooring is relatively new. Previously, cork was used on walls, as bottle stoppers, and occasionally in the world of fashion as well. But cork also has practical applications as a flooring option.

Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree found in abundance in the Mediterranean. You may be wondering, “how is this environmentally friendly if this comes from a tree?

The good part is, these trees don’t have to be cut down since only the bark is used to prepare cork. This bark grows back every 3 years, making it a sustainable source.

Cork is known to have anti-microbial properties and it reduces the amount of allergens in homes. This can prove beneficial for homeowners who’re susceptible to allergies. Cork also repels fire better than other flooring options.


Bamboo flooring is another natural flooring that is being used quite a lot in recent years. Bamboo is essentially grass and not a tree. Bamboo flooring is easy to maintain and quick to install as well. Once again, this wooden flooring is sustainable since bamboo grows to maturity within three years whereas other trees take up to 20 years.

Bamboo flooring is available in different colors and natural textures.


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Polished concrete may sound very industrial when you first hear it, but it has gained popularity in recent years. Concrete has been known for its strength, durability and its long life. Mainly used as sub flooring, concrete has gone through different scientific innovations to offer a range of options in terms of color, design and patterns. It can be tinted to suit a client’s requirements as well. The styling opportunities are endless with polished concrete. Have epoxy flooring installed in your home or commercial facility in Texas by our experts at CSS Coatings. We offer metallic epoxy flooring as well as MMA flooring which are environmentally friendly.  Get in touch with us at 270-793-9069 for more information.

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