Different Uses of Epoxy Floor Coating Options

//Different Uses of Epoxy Floor Coating Options

Different Uses of Epoxy Floor Coating Options

You may have skidded across a freshly mopped floor in a fancy hotel lobby and blamed it on your heels. Or you may have slipped and twisted your ankle on an almost glass-like ceramic floor and cursed yourself for not having better grip. But truth be told, the problem is not always in your shoe or your balance. Sometimes, the problem is with the floor you walk on.

You can’t rely on a one size fits all rule because every space has different requirements. Some require durability to survive high traffic while others need to maintain aesthetic standards without compromising on safety.

This is where floor coatings come into play. These coatings layer your new floor to enhance the texture and maximize slip resistance.  

Quartz Blends With Epoxy Coating

The especially formulated quartz aggregated blends not only give a decorative appearance to your floors but also protect them against chemical wear. This is most commonly needed in areas which experience high traffic such as commercial offices and industrial buildings.

Epoxy floor coating is applied over concrete floors which have first been treated for cracks and chips, and also fully cured. This ensures high-performance and a smooth surface that can endure heavy load and the test of time.

The unique blend of quartz comes in a variety of flake sizes and highlight colors that can be broadcast across floors in different ways.

Metallic Epoxy Coating

hall flooring

Most widely used in offices and top-tier luxury hotels, metallic epoxy floor coating is the top choice for an ideal professional environment. Gleaming like glass top, these floor coatings combine pearlescent pigments with a combination of a few shades to create the metallic effect.

This type of floor coating will give your offices or hotels a completely unique makeover. Even though the gleaming surface does offer high shine but it doesn’t compromise on slip resistance. The hues can be tailored to match your theme of interiors, to create a more spacious 3D appeal in your space.

Thin Mill Epoxy Coating

Have you noticed how the flooring of parking lots, ramps and stadiums differs from the more common high-sheen or quartz blend flooring? That’s because in high traffic areas such as these, you need to enhance resistance to abrasion, skidding and chloride.

Since most of these spaces are in open environments, you also need to take thermal expansion and contraction into account. Temperatures can vary with the weather and that means your flooring needs to be suitable for all environmental conditions. With thin mil coating, you don’t have to worry about heat or snow because your flooring is reliable enough to take it.

Apart from weather adaptation, it’s also designed to be light reflective, and chemical resistant. This ensures that it resists discoloration by fuels, grease and acids.

Methyl Methacrylate floor coating

If you’re looking for a fast curing option that stands up to harsh chemicals and wear without fail, it’s Methyl Methacrylate flooring. Offering a more robust finish than other epoxy floor coatings, MMA is known to survive under severe circumstances. This can include high density of foot traffic such as airports, retail markets, manufacturing environments and subway stations. The severity can also account for managing heavy loads but the strength of this flooring type retains its integrity under all forces.

This type of flooring not only survives in such places but also doesn’t compromise on its aesthetic appeal. It’s rare to find flooring options that offer such viable practical flooring solutions for busy areas while maintaining the crisp look. 

Its hassle-free repair procedure is a major pro because in places like airports and commercial environments, work can’t come to a halt for long. With MMA, you don’t have to worry about cordoning off the entire area for a small damage. The repair can be managed without a need for reinstallation, in a conveniently short while. Not to mention the durability is unbending and maintains in the long-run. We offer epoxy flooring options of various kinds including metallic and thin mil coating. Approach us for all your flooring needs.

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