Metallic Epoxy Flooring Vs. Tiles: Which Is Better?

//Metallic Epoxy Flooring Vs. Tiles: Which Is Better?

Metallic Epoxy Flooring Vs. Tiles: Which Is Better?


Among the several options for flooring, metallic epoxy flooring and tiles are two of the most popular ones. While tiles used to be the primary choice for flooring, epoxy flooring has paved the way to become the number choice for many, mainly due to the bundle of benefits that it offers. 

If you’re having a hard time making a call, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 

In this blog, we’ll be using four important metrics to evaluate both choices in detail and help you determine which option provides better value as a flooring option.


You want to ensure that your flooring lasts for at least several years. And while tiles are perceived as durable flooring options, when it comes to heavy foot traffic, they don’t always hold up. Though new porcelain tiles are sturdier than ceramic ones, they still aren’t as strong as epoxy.

Metallic epoxy flooring is highly durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic and weights without sustaining any damage. You can even install it in your garage without worrying about having to replace it any time soon. In fact, properly installed epoxy flooring can last for more than a decade without requiring an extensive amount of maintenance.


Speaking of maintenance…


When it comes to maintenance, metallic epoxy flooring wins, hands down. This is because it doesn’t have pockets or spaces where dirt and grime accumulate over time. Hence, maintenance becomes incredibly easy and simple. You just have to run a soft dust mop over it every week and vacuum any joints once a month. That’s literally it! 

On the other hand, tiles can be quite difficult to maintain. Debris, grime, and microorganisms can lodge in the grout joints of tiles, which may require regular cleaning. Moreover, they can often break or chip and may require repairs. 

Also, they become slippery when wet, so it becomes necessary to keep them dry to prevent tripping accidents—more maintenance! 

Stain resistance

Stain resistance is the top quality of metallic epoxy flooring that makes ita very attractive choice, particularly for places where there’s a high chance of spillage, such as hospitals, labs, restaurants, bars, etc. Whether you spill red wine or any harsh chemical, a soft cloth will do the trick. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about stains. 

Contrarily, if there’s a spillage on tiles, they become slippery and are extremely difficult to clean. In many instances, the stains are permanent, so you have no option other than replacing the tiles.



Customization is an incredibly important aspect of flooring for many, particularly for establishments that want to complement the flooring with the rest of interior design.

Epoxy floor coatings are highly customizable. From marbled texture to metallic epoxy techniques, you have numerous options to create designer flooring as per your taste and décor.Tiles are also customizable as they come in various sizes, shapes, and textures. You can also choose from various color options. 

Final verdict

Considering the aforementioned metrics, it’s clearly visible that epoxy flooring is a better choice for flooring. Due to its durability, sturdiness, and ability to withstand heavy materials, it’s the best option for commercial and industrial use as well as garages. It also offers better customization and requires minimal maintenance, not to mention the stain resistance.

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