3 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Metallic Epoxy Flooring

//3 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Metallic Epoxy Flooring

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Metallic Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy flooring is ideal for both residential as well as commercial properties, due to the multitude of advantages it offers, including its high-resistance, durability, and strength.

Aside from its functional benefits, it also amplifies the aesthetic value of space, as it comes in several styles to complement interior design.

Particularly, metallic epoxy flooring can be used to create exotic designs, such as lava flow or pearlescent, which look incredible.

Moreover, its stain-resistant qualities, coupled with the minimal maintenance requirements, make it a great choice.

However, it’s vital that metallic epoxy flooring is installed correctly; otherwise, it can ruin the epoxy resin and result in a poor looking floor surface.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you hire the services of a certified floor installer to get the job done.

Let’s discuss some mistakes that must be avoided when installing metallic epoxy flooring to ensure best results.

Mistake#1:Poor surface preparation

Surface preparation is the most critical step in successfully installing metallic epoxy flooring.

Inadequate planning and poor surface preparation can lead to bubbling floors, peeling floors, oruneven floors, which not only look ugly, but are also uncomfortable and may bea tripping hazard.

Therefore, it’s important to perform proper surface preparation by cleaning the floor and grinding it to ensure an even and smooth surface.

Epoxy’s bonding with concrete takes place on a chemical level, as well as mechanical level so it’s important to get it right the first time to avoid complications at a later stage.

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Mistake#2: Bubbles in epoxy screed

People with no professional experience in installing epoxy flooring often experience bubbles in their epoxy flooring. This happens due to the air content in concrete slabs.

To prevent this problem, it’s important to prime and seal the surface carefully to ensure that air present around the concrete cannot rise and reach the coating.

Another remedy to prevent bubbles in the epoxy creed is to use spiked rollers. It’s particularly important during the application of thick epoxy coatings.

This will eliminate small bubbles and keep the surface smooth. Again, it can be a very complex job,so it’s better to hire a professional, certified floor installer.

Mistake#3: Improper mixing of the resin

Epoxy systems comprise of two components which are combined and mixed together before the application.It’s absolutely essential to get the proportion rights and mix them correctly, otherwise it can lead to sticky floors.

It’s important that the resin is cured properly and applied by a certified professional. Getting it wrong can diminish all the benefits of metallic epoxy flooring. The floor will not remain durable, become extremely hard, and also loss stain-resistant properties.

The problem commonly occurs because many people mistake weight with the volume of epoxy and get the proportions wrong, which can give rise to curing problems.

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Final words

Avoiding these three mistakes will ensure that your metallic epoxy floor looks stunning, survives heavy foot traffic, and lasts for several years.

But again, no matter how careful you are, these kind of mistakes can happen. Therefore, hiring a profession installer might be your best bet.

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