Why You Need Thin Mil Coating Systems

//Why You Need Thin Mil Coating Systems

Why You Need Thin Mil Coating Systems

Traffic coating is a combination of products that are used together to protect a particular structure or flooring. These coatings are water-resistant, hence preventing water penetration and providing a safe driving and walking surface.

There are many product combinations that can be used for traffic coatings, but essentially, they’re made up of a primer, waterproof membrane, and a wear course.

Thin mil coating is a type of protective coating we offer that can be applied to plywood as well as concrete. It protects the concrete from the weight as well as the daily wear and tear of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

This protective coating is essential for commercial areas, garages, and areas that experience extreme weather. The freeze-thaw damage causes corrosion due to the chloride in the concrete.

Our experts have put together a comprehensive guide, listing down the advantages of thin mil coating systems:


Thin mil coatings reflect light brilliantly. They are, therefore, preferred in retail stores. They attract customer attention and draw them into the store. The more brightly-lit a store, the more you’ll attract customers. After all, a great display is the secret behind increased in-store sales.

A brightly-lit store can also help a buyer inspect the product well before they buy it. This is especially helpful in makeup stores, since it can help customers correctly figure out if a certain product is suitable for their skin tone or not. The lighting in the store can directly affect a buyer’s mood, so keeping it bright should trigger a positive response for a store.

The light reflective quality of thin mil coating systems results in lower energy costs. Stores won’t have to spend as much on keeping the area brightly lit since the reflective nature of the flooring will do it for them.


Thin mil systems have been carefully designed to look incredibly shiny while being slip-resistant. The most common issue with high traffic areas is the increased chances of slipping and getting injured. Slip-resistant floors are not only a way to keep the consumers safe, but also the employees. Factories and warehouses, in particular, require non-slip technology to keep their employees safe as well as their premises.

Chemical resistance

Thin mil coatings are developed to be incredibly hardwearing. They can withstand extreme pHvalues, therefore, chemical spills won’t leave behind any stains on the floor. Chemical spills are common in industrial settings. Other flooring options tend to fade or corrode as a result of such spills, which eventually leads to expensive repairs. The protective coating allows these spills—which would otherwise prove to be a health hazard for employees—to be cleaned up effectively.

Healthier choice for employees and customers

Flooring without protective coating tends to be porous in nature. This means that any spills that occur seep into the floor and concrete below. This moisture can lead to the buildup of bacteria and eventually lead to mold growth, which is detrimental to the health of employees and customers. Mold growth can cause respiratory issues, eye irritation, and skin allergies. Keep your customers and employees safe by getting protective thin mil coating applied to your commercial flooring.

Thermal expansion and contraction

Thin mil coatings are developed to take on extreme temperatures easily. The food and beverage industry, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, are known to work with extreme temperatures. They, therefore, benefit the most from this protective coating. Thin mil coating is applied to their commercial floors as well as parking areas. This floor coating requires little maintenance and will last a long time.

We, at CSS Coatings, provide thin mil protective coating for commercial spaces in Florida. With our expert installation of thin mil systems, your commercial premises will have a brilliant shine and capture the attention of your customers. We also provide moisture mitigationservicesfor concrete that has excessive moisture. Our other durable and economical flooring options include metallic epoxy flooring, epoxy flooring, and MMA flooring. Contact us at 270-793-9069 for a quote or for any queries regarding our services.

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