A History of Epoxy Flooring

//A History of Epoxy Flooring

A History of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is particularly popular these days since it adds more aesthetic value and is a lot more durable and long-lasting.


Below is a comprehensive overview of what this material is, its history, and its rise to popularity.

What is Epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring has recently become more widely used in homes and offices.

Once a slab of concrete has been prepped—i.e. cleaned and smoothened out, then a resin and hardening compound are mixed. The result of this chemical reaction is epoxy. This mixture is poured onto the floor over the next few days.

The compound is allowed to harden before another layer is added on top of this layer. This process of turning the mixture from a liquid state to a solid one means that the material is strong and scratch- and stain-resistant.

Epoxy flooring is most popularly used in hospitals, schools as well as offices. This is because epoxy flooring can handle high foot traffic—these places typically experience a lot of traffic and you need a material that’s less prone to wear and tear.

Epoxy Flooring: A Brief History

Epoxies have been around for a long time—the 1890s to be exact. However, they became more known many years down the line, in the 1950s.

A Russian chemist by the name of Prisleschajev was the first to observe the reaction between olefins and peroxybenzoic acid.Later on, a German scientist named P. Shalack was granted a patent to work on thisfurther.

The first patent formulations came about in the 1930s to 1950s. Dr.Castan from Switzerland, along with Dr.Greelee,worked to synthesize epoxy as we know it today.

Commercialization during the 1950s–70s

The material reached commercialization from the 1950s to the 1970s. This was when aerospace first started making use of epoxies in the early 1950s.

It was soon found to be extremely useful inother niches as well,however there was still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the material back in the day. However, nowadays, epoxy has become extremely popular.

Innovations that Boosted Its Popularity

Epoxy has come a long way from its breakthrough days. Many innovations have led to its use globally. Some of these include:

·         Epoxies in Laminates

Nan Ya Plastics holds patented rights of epoxy resin used in varnish for laminates. The incorporation of epoxy resin into the laminate improves its mechanical strength and heat resistance.

This innovation has certainly added to what epoxy resin is able to offer—low water absorption and greater resistance to heat in comparison to electrical laminates.

·         Used in Composite Parts

Epoxy resin enhances thermal, mechanical and chemical properties, making it highly useful in the production of composite parts by different vendors.

Its Use Today

Today, the applications of epoxy resin are numerous. It’s used in the manufacture of adhesives, plastics, paints as well as floorings and sealers. As we mentioned earlier, epoxy resin is used in a number of consumer and industrial applications. This is mainly due to how tough and durable this material is, in addition to its chemical resistance. If you’re looking for a flooring installation service, reach out to us at CSS Coatings. We offer metallic epoxy flooring, MMA flooring and more, across the U.S. Call us at 270-793-9069 to learn more.

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