Which Industries Use Metallic Epoxy Flooring, And Why?

//Which Industries Use Metallic Epoxy Flooring, And Why?

Which Industries Use Metallic Epoxy Flooring, And Why?

If you’ve ever come across an elegant, classy looking floor in a restaurant or on the internet, you were probably looking at metallic epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring has a slight metallic pigmentation that not only gives it an exotic look, but also a shiny texture.

In this post, we will talk about some features that set metallic epoxy flooring apart, and what industries use it:

Do metallic epoxy floors live up to the hype?

What makes metallic epoxy flooring unique is that no two designs look the same. This is because instead of using standard tiles, a metallic pigment is moved over the floor to let the colors flow naturally to create a customized final look.

The flooring expert first applies a base coat over the floor. After this dries, metallic pigments are added to give the floor itsunique texture and design. A variety of techniques and methods can be used to form patterns that look distinctive and unique. You canalso match the floor with the interior design of your commercial facility, or tell the company that’s installing it about your personal preferences.

Metallic epoxy floors are beyond easy to maintain, durable, and have high strength. Owing to their high chemical resistance, they are also an excellent choice for industrial applications.

Let’s talk about some industries that use metallic epoxy flooring more than others:


The term HORECA is an acronym for Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes, and represents the food service industry as a whole.

Metallic epoxy floors reflect light really well. This makes them an ideal choice for dimly-lit places like bars and cafes. The elegant look of the floor adds to the overall ambiance, making the space look sleek and sophisticated.

Other than that, metallic epoxy floors are also slip-resistant. You can even ask the service you source them from to add a non-slip additive for good foot grip. This makes it easy for little children and senior adults to have a safe experience at a restaurant.

restaurant floor


Flooring plays a huge role in showroom sales. When a customer walks in, their first impression is generated when they see brand new cars displayed on pristine shiny floors.

Showrooms and megastores experience huge footfall and store traffic. This requires them to have a floor that can be easily cleaned and maintained. Metallic epoxy flooring doesn’t justlast long, but also offers a hard-wearing surface that can withstand traffic. It also resists oil stains and other sorts of visible dirt marks.

If your floor is covered with chips and cracks, you can mix up metallic pigments with paints and colors to mask them. This reduces the need to invest in re-flooring and repairs.

In the case of automotive showrooms, it’s very important to keep the floor shiny and clean. No customer would like it if a showroom floor is stained with traces of tires, waxing, buffing, and grout lines. With epoxy flooring, you’re at an advantage because they’re easily wiped clean.

To attract more customers to the store, you can also add epoxy floors in different patterns outside the store. This will help you create driveways and identifiable walkways that look welcoming for a customer who’s walking in.

airport lounge


Passengers don’t head straight into the airport and board their flights. There are security checks and waiting periods that elongate a passenger’s stay there. During this time, they spend their time in lounges, cafes, and waiting areas. This time serves as the perfect time for airport administration to provide amenities to travelers and make some revenue out of it.

Metallic epoxy flooring makes an excellent choice for airport lounges for a number of reasons:

  1. It’svibrant and makes the place look bright and positive, just like an airport should. Air travel is not inexpensive. Travelers pay for the experience just as much as they do for the airfare.
  • It hasan easy-to-clean surface. Flights are constantly taking off and landing at airports. With the huge influx of travelers, it’s hard for the janitorial staff to spend too much time on cleaning. Epoxy floors are shiny and smooth surfaces that can be wiped clean in minutes.
  • Travelers tend to carry heavy-wheeled luggage, carts, and trolleys with them when they travel. Metallic epoxy floorsarenot just resistant to wear and tear, but also have the strength to handle high compression and continuous traffic. You can add a topical coating to enhance their strength.

Did you know you can also add an epoxy coating to your existing concrete floor to add a durable shiny finish to it? Whether you’re a residential or industrial client, CSS Coatings would love to help you out. We offer metallic epoxy flooring services in a number of places including Texas, Indiana, Virginia, Illinois, and Ohio. Give us a call at 270-793-9069 to get started. You can also request a quote online.

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