Interior Design Themes That Complement Epoxy Floors

//Interior Design Themes That Complement Epoxy Floors

Interior Design Themes That Complement Epoxy Floors

Blank walls, square desks, tiled floors and white lights are so 2018! You need to revive the modern appeal in your office space with just the right interior design.

What has worked for decades may not work now. Things as simple as epoxy floor coating instead of plain tiles have become the need of the hour!

The millennials of this age will soon secure executive positions in Fortune 500 companies. But unlike the Baby Boomers, millennials are twice as likely to quit jobs due to boredom. They need something to stimulate their brains and keep them engaged creatively but corporate work is sometimes not enough to do that.

Your boring office is costing you productivity

A Gallup report has confirmed that only 30 percent of Americans are actively engaged at their offices. This is a primary concern for employers because a lack of interest costs a loss of $450 to $550 billion each year. Thriving businesses can’t keep losing profits due to such inefficiencies. They need to up their game!

Enhancing the interior design of offices is a successful trick for boosting morale, enhancing the visual appeal, attracting attention, and maintaining the interest of employees. It’s time that workplaces bid farewell to the traditional layout of corporate offices that people have come to despise.

A great way to revitalize office designs is to change the interior theme by renovating the floor plan. Epoxy floors are the classic choice of floors for modern offices that are a fresh break from conventional corporate offices. Here are some interior designs that go with these beautiful, shiny floors.

Wood and White

Not all shades and forms of white are bad when used in interior design. Too much white can create a monotony of color in the space and leave the atmosphere wanting more life. You can break away from the excessive use of white because that makes the environment cold and unwelcoming.

Complement creamy white wall paint with accents of maple wood. Wooden shelves, window trims, counters and backsplash can infuse just the right kind of contrast with the plain white walls that’s needed to bring the place to life.

Feel free to add a pop of color in your interiors with indoor plants. This creates an industrial-style workspace that has the right balance between professional and funky.

Modern workplaces are transforming into creative co-working spaces that build on the idea of open floor plans for collective thinking and harmony. White paired with wood will go perfectly well with such an interior plan, and even better with epoxy floors to add a sparkle to the floors.

Man Sitting in Front of Desk Indoor

Modern Minimalism

Studies have proven that cluttered spaces are counterproductive. What you might justify as necessary office furniture can be easily done without. A desk at every two steps, shelves overflowing with volumes of papers and files, and tabletops cluttered with computers don’t present the ideal image of a workplace.

You can do away with all that clutter with new and improved interior design. All you need to do is get rid of all the chunky furniture pieces and use the free space creatively.

This will transform your office into a co-working space, with the spirit of minimalism. You can work your way around it by furnishing the place with simple furniture and geometric woodwork designs but epoxy flooring will tie the whole thing together nicely.

Urban Spunk

Traditionally, corporate offices have remained committed to sober color themes and classic architecture. But with millennials and Gen-Z taking over a majority of the workforce, it’s important to adhere to their tastes. These generations are known for their spunk for all things modern! In order to appeal to their aesthetic senses, offices need to boast an urban appeal. That can be done by adding bursts of color after careful selection.

You need to be very careful when dealing with colors because a little too less can leave the design bland while a little too much can make it borderline gaudy. Restrict your color choices to a few—navy blue, ochre and plum are few rich colors that can enrich your workspace.

All you need to do is to place the same couches in these colors around the office and (if needed) add cushioned chairs. Don’t go with sofas because they take too much physical and visual space. With an underlying epoxy flooring panning over the entire place, your interiors will be finished off with a glossy sheen on the floors. Your corporate office needs a creative touch-up and epoxy floor coating can easily achieve that. You can trust us for the most long-lasting epoxy finish for your floors. Call us at 270-793-9069 for metallic epoxy flooring in Florida. Or get a quote right here!

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