5 Reasons To Get Industrial Floor Coatings For Your Garage

//5 Reasons To Get Industrial Floor Coatings For Your Garage

5 Reasons To Get Industrial Floor Coatings For Your Garage

Epoxy floor coating has quickly become a popular flooring option for homes, commercial buildings, and industrial areas. However, it is particularly well suited for garages that receive high-traffic and undergo rough use.

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Epoxy finish is chemically bonded to concrete surfaces, which gives it incredible endurance and stability.

If you’re looking for more reasons to use industrial floor coatings for your garage, keep scrolling down.

1. Sleek Appearance

The glossy finish instantly gives your garage space a sleeker appearance and complements all types of decorative lighting.

Garage floors don’t always have to be grey and dreary. Epoxy finishes come in a wide range of designs and colors, making it possible for you to choose a finish that matches the building’s aesthetic.

You can also get decorative quartz or mica added to the epoxy mixture for a textured appearance. It also provides more traction making it better for cars.

2. Cost-Effective

Epoxy is a more cost-effective solution when compared to the cost of floor removal, new tiles, and installation. It works well with a concrete base, which means you don’t have to remove the existing surface.

If installed by a professional–metallic epoxy floors can last up to 20 years, even in high-traffic areas. This is because a professional will prepare the concrete first, then apply the substrate correctly, and ensure it is properly bonded for lasting results.

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3. High Resistance

Epoxy fortifies your garage from all sorts of wear and tear caused by the following:


Garages are often located in basements with less than optimal ventilation, which can result in higher temperatures. Plus, with running cars, exhaust fumes also heat up the area, which can damage tiles and grout but not epoxy. For high heat resistance, ask for epoxies containing phosphorus.


Epoxy is highly resistant to shock, which means it does not break easily under heavy impact. If heavy objects such as tools or machinery fall on the surface, it won’t damage metallic epoxy floors.


Water exposure can result in seepage, causing the concrete to crack and weaken over time. The epoxy finish prevents water from seeping through so it can be easily mopped off.


Strong chemicals emitted by vehicles in the form of vapor and fumes can damage regular surfaces—but they don’t ruin epoxy floors. Even brake fluids or oil spills can be easily cleaned up.

4. Protection

Epoxy coating acts as a layer of defense for your concrete floor. As tough as concrete may be, it is porous; over time, dirt, grease and water can seep through, causing cracks. These can be dangerous as they lower the stability of your floor.

Epoxy protects the concrete underneath and prevents defects and stains from appearing on the surface.

5. Strength

The fact that epoxy was first used in industrial settings is a testament to its incredible strength. It works perfectly in garages where heavy vehicles pass through on a routine basis.

The sturdiness of epoxy keeps it from peeling or tearing off, and the standard rigidity is high enough to withstand heavy loads without wear.

6. Ease of maintenance

Concrete itself causes a lot of residual dust, which needs to be cleaned regularly. Epoxy floors cover the concrete, thereby preventing any dust from blowing off the surface.

Additionally, simple upkeep is sufficient to keep epoxy floors clean. A standard broom, mop, or vacuum is enough to eliminate any dirt or spills, making it a practical and sanitary solution.

Whether you’re looking to coat a small private garage or a sizeable multi-storied parking space, it’s best to get metallic epoxy flooring done by an expert.

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