Metallic Epoxy

The most unique flooring options available

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Get A Liquid Metal Look With Metallic Epoxy

Some of the most beautiful options for your floor can be metallic epoxy. This specially formulated epoxy offers a unique look with the durability you expect from our epoxy floors. The addition of pearlescent pigments Makes each floor individually unique. There are many color options that can be blended together in combinations of two or three colors to create different looks and effects. Metallic epoxy floors will have a high shine but can still offer slip resistance when needed. Using our metallic flooring systems will let you enjoy a spectacular looking floor for many many years.

High Quality Metallic Epoxy Flooring Products

If you are looking to add a fresh look to your home or office by changing up the flooring, you might want to consider metallic epoxy flooring products.
The glossy coating these products offer plus the mesmerizing looks make them favorites among a diverse array of clients. The wide range of designs available in metallic epoxy flooring can be used to give off a 3D appearance and plenty of other visual effects like ripples, metallic plasma visuals etc.
Metallic epoxy flooring products are made completely from solids epoxy with different metallic pigments. The products are completely self-leveling and can be modified to create various visual effects. Once the epoxy is applied to the floor, different solvents like denatured alcohol can be used to diffuse and move the metallic pigments. This is done to achieve the visual effects you need, depending on your specifications and the rest of the interior décor.

The Best Metallic Flooring Solutions at CSS Coatings

Even though it is a relatively new flooring option, we have been offering exceptional metallic flooring services to our clients. Many of our clients looking for metallic floors belong to the retail sectors who intend to install a high performance floor coating that offers looks, life and ease of maintenance.
On the other hand, many residential clients also install metallic epoxy floors to add a unique touch to their living space.
Whether you are looking for commercial or residential metallic epoxy flooring solutions, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with us today and learn more about our metallic floors that always go beyond your expectations.