Traffic Coatings & Thin Mil

Coatings for High Traffic Areas

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More About Traffic Coatings & Thin Mil

Traffic coatings offer many benefits such as sustainability, provides skid, abrasion and chloride resistance, and accommodates thermal expansion and contraction. You will typically find this in vehicular parking decks and ramps, stadiums and high traffic pedestrian areas.

Thin Mil coating systems are designed to provide light reflective, and chemical resistant finish to your floors. Advantages of this are excellent gloss retention, UV color stability, chemical and stain resistant and also resist common acids, fuels and grease.

High Quality Thin Mill Coating

If you need thin mill industrial floor coatings, we are the only name you can trust. Our qualified and certified team installs thin mill systems. We simplify the process of thin mill flooring installation. Our team uses advanced equipment and techniques to install thin mill flooring coating in no time. With several years of experience under our belt, we have the expertise and knowhow to handle the most challenging industrial flooring projects.

Rest assured, our service charges are the most competitive in the industry. After an initial inspection, we set a fair thin mill coating price for your floor. Thin mill coating has never been better than with us. You can always count on our thin mill coating solutions. Contact us today!